About Bluefish Studios

Bluefish Studios is an Edmonton-based commercial photography studio. For nearly three decades Bluefish’s principal photographer, Darren Jacknisky, has been producing images for a variety of clients throughout western Canada. After graduating from NAIT’s photo program in 1989, Darren worked for a local commercial studio before starting Bluefish in 1996. Working with both large and small clients, from fashion to oil sands, has taken Darren to all three of Canada’s coasts. These projects have given the him the opportunity to meet and photograph a variety of people, from First Nations elders to corporate CEOs.Darren’s work has appeared in national and provincial magazines and has been recognized nationally by Applied Arts and locally by the Advertising Club of Edmonton.

After working in the industry for almost 30 years I still look for new ways to do things and cool people to do it with. My biggest takeaway after all these years is the relationships that have developed. I take the trust my clients have in me to deliver the images they need, on time and on budget, very seriously. The projects that get me excited are the ones the require me to stay focused and in control of as much as we can. That said many of the best images on this site are ones that involved jumping first and figuring things out.

When he’s not taking photos or working with clients he enjoys cruising the backroads of Alberta on his bike and spending time knee-deep in a trout stream throwing little pieces of feather and fur to hungry trout.

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